Top 5 Reasons to Buy Custom 3D Photo Crystals

May 12, 2022 Kainan Song

Memories Are Limited

However, photos can preserve those good memories. The advent of mobile phones and cameras has made taking pictures easy, but more and more pictures are filling up the memory of mobile phones or cameras, and people don't even look back at those pictures after they are taken.

But the same photo if you choose to print it out and put it in our crystals, then you can see it anytime and remember that special person or special moment at any time.

A Special Gift For Someone Special

Pure crystal is simple, without too much decoration, without too many unnecessary links, you only need to upload a photo of the person you love, and a few words you want to say to him. Let this crystal accompany you silently with your loved ones. If you have a special family member or friend or pet, then you can use this special crystal to express your special love for them.

Remembering Lost Loved Ones

3D Photo Crystal is a great choice for remembering lost loved ones. Life is long and short. Maybe your family, friends or pets have left you. You will miss them often and feel helpless and sad about their passing. So why not try to miss them in another special way?

Give them a chance to accompany you in another form. The 3D Photo Crystal is small and portable, and can be placed anywhere at home or in the office, allowing you to see your loved ones at any time. In fact, they didn't go far, they just loved you in another way.

 Personalized Photo And Text Customization

Do you take a lot of pictures with your loved ones? Did you say something special to each other? Important photos on your phone may be overwhelmed by other photos, and important words may gradually be forgotten. Maybe you can consider saving these photos and words in a special way - engraving them into crystal.

You can choose any photo you like to upload, as long as it is clear enough, the result will be better and you will get a more pleasant user experience. If there is something important or something you haven't been able to express to the person you love, you can engrave it into the crystal, and try not to leave any regrets in your life.

 Meet The Differentiated Needs Of Customers

There are many kinds of crystals with different prices, which can better meet the differentiated needs of customers. Probably most people think that crystal is expensive and that it is not worth buying it, but trust me, the crystal products on our website will surprise you.

Crystal necklaces or keychain are about 20 US dollars, and most of the custom photo crystal are about 70 US dollars, and the price will vary depending on the size you choose; our crystal supports customers to upload pictures and engraving by themselves, using laser printing, the text and photos are clearer, and the preservation time is longer.

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